My name is Rasmus Friberg and I’m currently a game programming student at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. This is a 2.5 year long education at high speed, focusing on getting us students ready to face the challenges of working at a game studio after just 2 years. The last third of the education will be spent as an intern in a game studio, and that’s what I’m currently looking for.

My main interest went towards tech-programming once we got introduced to 3D, but the school ensures that we get extensive knowledge in many different areas, including AI-, tools-, network- and gameplay-programming. Our projects are made from scratch, in our own engines using DirectX10.

During our 2 years at the school we have created 8 games with around 30 minutes of gameplay each. In our second year we worked with the same people for 4 of those games, allowing us to create much more advanced experiences. So be sure to check out the games section and read more about the games I’ve been involved with! You can also check out Science and Magic, to read more about the group that I worked with during the second year.